Top 10 Chinese Wholesale Websites (The Most Trusted Ones) (2023)

With so many Chinese wholesale websites out there, which one to trust?

How to ensure that you don’t get scammed by the Chinese sellers?. Also, you want to receive your goods on time & in the same condition as described by the seller.

When I started my first eCommerce store (a couple of years ago), my first choice of sourcing was Chinese wholesale websites. That’s because China is one of the world’s largest manufacturing hubs offering great range of products at cheap rates.

But I was worried since I had heard many scary stories of Chinese sellers scamming international buyers.

Therefore, I traded with caution. I explored many trusted Chinese B2B platforms & transacted with them. In the process, I learned a lot about this whole thing called China sourcing.

The idea’s simple. If you want success with China sourcing, then you need to deal with a trusted Chinese wholesale website. And, at the same time, you need to follow that website’s buyer safety rules religiously.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through some of the trusted Chinese websites for bulk transactions. As an added bonus, I’ll also be sharing how to stay safe as a buyer on these platforms.

Using the websites & the best practices listed here, you should be able to source good quality Chinese products at best prices.

So, let’s jump right in!


1. Alibaba

Alibaba is huge. Really huge.

It’s one of the world’s largest B2B eCommerce websites. In fact, it was the one that pioneered the concept of wholesale eCommerce. And, also it’s credited with opening the doors of the Chinese factories to the global world.

Before Alibaba came into existence, it was difficult to find & talk to the Chinese suppliers (due to various barriers like distance, language etc.). But, Alibaba changed it all. Now, you can find & deal with Chinese merchants with click of a few buttons.

Alibaba functions purely as a marketplace. That means it’s just a platform where sellers & buyers meet with a trade motive. Sellers list their products, interact with buyers & close sales. On the other hand, buyers browse products, interact with sellers & buy products.

In short, Alibaba just acts as an intermediary between the buyer & the seller. It primarily facilitates discovery of products, communication & payment.

Founded by the visionary Jack Ma (You must’ve heard this name) in 1999, Alibaba group is headquartered at Hangzhou, China.

Buyer Safety

Alibaba assures buyer safety with its following features:

Trade Assurance

When I first started trading with Chinese suppliers, I was worried about being scammed. That was because I heard stories about fake Chinese sellers defrauding millions from global buyers.

But then I discovered Alibaba’s trade assurance service.

Trade Assurance is a concept wherein Alibaba assures buyers of timely delivery. If the seller doesn’t deliver goods or doesn’t commit to timely delivery or quality of goods then Alibaba will refund payment to the buyer.

Yes, it’s a kind of money-back guarantee.

To avail the trade assurance advantage, you must enter into a trade assurance contract with the seller.

This is how it works:

Step 1:

Step 2: Receive quotes from the seller

Step 3: Tell the seller to send you a trade assurance order contract

Step 4: Accept the contract & make payment.

By following the aforesaid method, you’ll be covered under trade assurance. Make sure that the contract mentions product specifications & stipulated delivery time.

If the seller doesn’t stick to it’s commitment(as mentioned in the contract), raise the matter with Alibaba customer support.

The best part is that the trade assurance service is free of cost. Yes, Alibaba won’t charge anything extra for this feature.

Gold Suppliers

Another way to stay protected is to only deal with “Gold Suppliers”.

A gold supplier is a premium membership that comes at a cost to the sellers. A seller who is willing to register as a Gold Supplier needs to pay a membership fee to Alibaba.

Gold suppliers are checked & verified by Alibaba’s third-party inspectors. Therefore, all gold suppliers are legally registered businesses having physical presence.

As per Alibaba data, 85% of the buyers are willing to deal only with Gold Suppliers.

Company Profile Metrics

If you open a company’s profile on Alibaba, you can see a few crucial metrics like:

  • Transaction level
  • Buyer ratings & reviews
  • Recent transactions
  • Trade capacity
  • Production capacity
  • R&D capacity

The aforesaid metrics can help you to figure out if a supplier is reliable. Example: If the production capacity doesn’t match your requirement then that supplier isn’t a long-term fit.

Another example: If the seller’s recent transactions don’t show any activity then it’s a sign that the seller isn’t popular. Better stay away from him or her.

Quality Inspection Service

To protect its buyers, Alibaba provides independent quality inspection service. That means Alibaba quality inspectors will visit the supplier or factory on your behalf & inspect your products.

Such quality inspections can be at various stages like pre-production, during-production or post-production etc.

Of course, such a service comes at a cost to the buyer. But, it’s worth taking if a lot of money is on the stake (big-ticket purchases). For smaller consignments, I won’t recommend.

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Delivery Time & Modes

Delivery time & modes entirely depends on the supplier. As already discussed, Alibaba is a marketplace & doesn’t have direct control on sellers’ inventory & its movement.

However, Alibaba has its own logistics service that integrates with top players like DHL, FedEx, TNT etc. Delivery via Air or Sea is supported. Also, real-time online tracking is available.

Payment Channels

Alibaba has a feature called Secure Payment. That means the seller won’t receive sale amount until unless the buyer confirms receipt of goods in proper condition.

Think of it like an escrow system.

Therefore, it’s always not advisable to pay to sellers directly. Instead pay via Alibaba using it’s secure payment feature.

Alibaba supports various payment modes like:

  • Credit card
  • T/T
  • e-Checking
  • Western Union
  • Pay Later
  • Boleto

Quality Assurance

Alibaba assures product quality with it’s following services:

  • Trade assurance
  • Inspection
  • Secure payment

Also, the transaction indicators are effective in judging the quality of products or suppliers.


Since Alibaba has huge supplier & customer base, you can expect stiff competition. Therefore, suppliers generally give their best rates on Alibaba.

The best part?

Alibaba periodically runs offers & discounts for its customers.

Click here to explore the discount section on Alibaba.

What I Like

  • Large supplier & product base
  • Buyer safety measures
  • Best prices
  • Logistics & quality inspection support
  • Bulk RFQ(Request for quote) feature

What I Don't Like

  • Not so user-friendly interface
  • Outdated or inaccurate product prices
  • Cumbersome process of ordering (Browse >> contact multiple suppliers >> evaluate quotes >> Trade assurance order >> payment)


8,424 users have rated Alibaba 9.5 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

Here’s a video that explains more about how to buy on Alibaba:

Click here to go to the Alibaba website.

2. DHgate

DHgate is a perfect Chinese wholesale website for beginners. One of the largest leading B2B marketplaces & my #1 recommendation for newbies.

(Video) Top 9 Chinese Wholesale Websites | Where to Find the Right Supplier in China

The fast & easy wholesale buying experience is the hallmark of DHgate.

Buying wholesale isn’t easy. You need to shortlist a bunch of verified sellers, talk to them & then finalize the deal. Those activities do take a lot of time. With DHgate, it’s as simple as adding products to your cart.

The best part is that DHgate is well suited for both small & large wholesale orders. That’s possible with their tiered pricing structure for each product. The more you buy, the more you’ll save.

The popularity of DHgate can be gauged from the fact that it hosts more than 30 million products.

DHgate headquarters is located in Beijing, China.

Buyer Safety

Is it safe to buy from DHgate?. Yes, absolutely.

Escrow Payment Model

Your payment won’t be released to the seller until unless you confirm the delivery.

On-Time Delivery

Check if the seller has the on-time delivery badge beside it’s name. That means that the seller has a track record of successful on-time deliveries.

Chinese Brands

Check if the seller has a China brand badge or icon beside it’s name or in it’s profile. That means the seller deals with genuine made-in-china products. DHgate is that case assures the brand quality.

Field Certification

DHgate does field level verification of its sellers through independent third parties. So, if a seller profile shows the field certification badge then rest assured that the seller is authentic.

Square Trade

Under the square trade feature, US buyers get extended warranty for electronic products. So, check out for the square trade icon against the seller name.

Premium Merchant

DHgate automatically tags sellers providing excellent customer service & high-quality products as Premium Merchant.

Top Merchant

DHgate automatically tags sellers having high-volume sales (along with top-notch customer service & products) as Top Merchant

This is one of the first badges I look for when buying on DHgate. So should you.

Return & Refund

DHgate offers full refund in case you haven’t received your products or if the products aren’t what they’ve been described as.

Alternatively, if the product isn’t what has been described but you’re OK with keeping the same with you then ask for a partial refund. Yes, that’s possible with DHgate.

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Delivery Time & Modes

DHgate supports various shipping partners like:

  • China post
  • DHL
  • EMS
  • FedEx
  • ePacket (fast & cheap delivery to selected countries)
  • UPS etc.

Delivery time depends on the shipping mode & your location. On the product page, you can select your preferred shipping method & check the corresponding delivery time.

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There’s also something called DH Storage. Think of it like Amazon FBA.

Under DH Storage scheme, DHgate sellers store their products in DHgate warehouses located in the US & the UK. That ensures fast shipping (usually within 2 to 5 days) to US & UK customers.

If you’re from the US or UK, then check for the DH storage badge or icon on the product page.

Products covered under DH Storage also enjoy a faster return & refund process. That too at no extra cost to the customer.

Payment Channels

DHgate supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • E-wallet (Skrill)
  • Debit card
  • Apple pay (only for selected countries)

Quality Assurance

As already discussed, DHgate ensures product quality with the following steps:

  • Seller rating & reviews
  • Product rating & reviews
  • Full & partial refund
  • DHgate badges & icons
  • Third party merchandise quality report


Since DHgate is a marketplace, pricing is solely decided by the sellers. Each product listed on DHgate supports tiered pricing. Therefore, you can expect that the wholesale prices listed there are the best ones.

But DHgate regularly runs promotions & offers. That helps to reduce the purchase bill further.

Also, DHgate offers various discount coupons to new buyers. If haven’t registered on DHgate till date then do it now & explore the coupon sections. I’ve found the discount coupons ranging from $ 10 to $ 100 (depends on the order volume).

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What I like

  • Robust buyer safety measures
  • The simple & quick ordering process
  • DH Storage
  • A large pool of suppliers & products
  • Beginner-friendly

What I Don't Like

  • The search algorithm makes it hard to find the product I’m looking for.
    Example: If I search for “buttons for jeans”, I’m shown only jeans on the search result.


18,179 users have rated DHgate 8.2 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

Here’s a video overview on how to buy on DHgate:

Click here to go to the DHgate website.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the world’s largest B2C cum B2B portal owned by the Alibaba group.

While Alibaba focuses on high ticket wholesale orders, AliExpress is more focussed on fulfilling consumers’ & small wholesale orders.

AliExpress follows a tiered pricing structure. That means as you increase the quantity, the unit price of the product drops accordingly.

Also, buying from AliExpress is fast & secure. Think of it just like Amazon. Add your products to the cart & checkout. AliExpress manages everything else like logistics, buyer assurance etc.

Same as Alibaba, AliExpress is based in Hangzhou, China.

Buyer Safety

AliExpress assures buyer safety with its following features:

Refund Guarantee

If you don’t receive the products you bought or the quality was quite different from what had been described then you can ask for a full refund.

On Time Delivery Guarantee

AliExpress guarantees that you would receive your shipment before the due date. If not, you can raise the issue with their support team.

Extra Warranty

Are you located in one of the EU countries?. Then, you’re covered under the AliExpress “Extra Warranty” program.

This program offers 2 years guarantee to most buyers from EU countries.

The best part is that this extra warranty is applicable to most products. Check with the seller once to inquire about this.

Delivery Time & Modes

Delivery time purely depends on the logistics service provider you’ve chosen during the checkout. And, also your location.

AliExpress offers the logistics providers to choose from:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • TNT
  • EMS etc.

Depending on the location or country, the logistic providers may differ from one buyer to another.

Delivery time depends on the logistics provider you’ve chosen during checkout. Premium logistics players like UPS, FedEx, DHL & TNT generally deliver very fast (within 6 to 12 days to the US).

Whereas public logistics players like EMS take a longer time to deliver. (within 25 to 30 days to the US).

AliExpress also offers a fantastic logistics option called “ePacket” to the buyers of select countries. If you opt for ePacket, then you can expect a quicker service (within 15 days to the US) at a very reasonable price.

(Video) Forget Alibaba! Here Are 13 Better Alternatives To Find Wholesale Suppliers

Remember, shipping costs are decided by the suppliers. So, you may have to incur an additional cost to use the services of premium logistics like DHL.

ePacket generally comes at a very reasonable price. So, if AliExpress supports ePacket for your country buyers then I recommend you use it.

AliExpress also has its own in-house delivery service called AliExpress Standard Shipping. I haven’t used it till date but their website claims that the same can deliver within 42 days to the US.

Payment Channels

AliExpress supports the following payment modes:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal (select countries)
  • Wire transfer
  • Webmone
  • Western union
  • Boleto
  • SMS payment (select countries)
  • Cash payment (select countries)
  • AliExpress pocket etc.

I’ve found the payment on AliExpress to be quick & smooth. In case of an issue, you can contact their support team.

Also, they use a technology called ‘3D secure’ which ensures an additional layer of safety for online card transactions.

Quality Assurance

Since AliExpress is a marketplace, you need to assess the suppliers & their products well before entering into a transaction.

On the top of the product page, you can get important details like:

  • Store open date
  • Brand satisfaction score
  • Customer feedback like Item as described, communication & shipping speed

Make sure to check these quality indicators carefully. Also, not to forget the actual product rating (shown below the product title).

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For small wholesale orders, AliExpress pricing seems to be reasonable.

What’s even more attractive is the fact that AliExpress regularly offers flash deals & coupons to its new customers.

What I Like

  • The simple & quick ordering process
  • World-wide delivery
  • 100+ million product ranges
  • 24/7 live customer support

What I Don't Like

  • Price not competitive for large wholesale orders


61,209 users have rated AliExpress 8.9 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

Here’s a video that shows how to source from AliExpress:

Click here to go to the Aliexpress website.

4. Global Sources

Global Sources is a Chinese website that markets itself as a one-stop platform for all your sourcing needs.

Global Sources is not only an online marketplace but also a trade show facilitator & sourcing service provider.

As an online marketplace, it connects wholesale sellers with buyers. Just like DHgate, Alibaba & AliExpress.

And, as a trade show facilitator, it lists & helps to register for upcoming trade shows / fairs in China.

Further, Global Sources provides various value-added sourcing services like:

  • Product Samples
  • Smart Sourcing
  • Private Sourcing Events
  • Bulk RFQ
  • Sourcing News & Advice

Buyer Safety

Verified Manufacturers

The seller having Verified Manufacturer badge has been verified by Global Sources. Such a verification involves checking of business licences & other legal documents of the manufacturer.

O2O (Online-To-Offline) Supplier

O2O suppliers means those suppliers who’ve maintained a comprehensive online profile & are active participants in trade shows.

These O2O suppliers are denoted by an O2O badge. So, look for the same while sourcing from Global Sources.

Verified Company Certificates

The verified company certificates icon means that the company certificates have been verified by independent verification agencies like TUV, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet etc.

Verified Product Certificates

The verified product certificates icon means that the product certificates have been checked / validated by independent verification agencies like TUV, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet etc.

Delivery Time & Modes

There isn’t a direct buy mechanism on Global Sources. To buy on Global Sources, you’ll need to send an inquiry to the supplier & then negotiate various terms like price, delivery, payment etc. Unlike DHgate or AliExpress, you can’t directly buy wholesale products on Global Sources by adding products to cart & checking out.

So, you need to decide on delivery mode after having a discussion with the supplier.

Payment Channels

The payment mode needs to be decided by talking to the supplier.

To stay safe, it’s recommended that you use PayPal. That’s because PayPal comes with an in-built buyer protection advantage.

So, if the seller doesn’t commit to it’s promise, you can file a refund claim with the PayPal team.

Quality Assurance

The aforesaid buyer safety features are enough to ensure product quality on Global Sources.


Global Sources lists some of the best Chinese wholesalers, suppliers & manufacturers. Therefore, you can be assured of the best product price on Global Sources.

What I Like

  • Focus on trade shows & exhibitions
  • Premium sourcing value-added services
  • Large base of verified suppliers or sellers
  • Easy-to-navigate website

What I Don't Like

  • Not suitable for beginners
  • No direct support for delivery & payment


12 users have rated Global Sources 1 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

5. Made In China

Made In China is one of the oldest Chinese wholesale websites connecting Chinese suppliers with international buyers.

Like the aforesaid platforms, Made In China is also a marketplace.

Founded in 1998, Made In China is headquartered at Jingsu, China.

Buyer Safety

Verified Suppliers

Made In China claims to have verified majority of the suppliers listed on its platform.

To check if a supplier is verified or not, look for the verified icon beside the name of the supplier.

Secured Trading Services

Made In China releases payment to the suppliers only when the buyer has confirmed receipt of goods in proper condition.

Also, under the secured trading services, Made In China provides inspection service. That means you can hire third party inspectors who can check the quality of products by on-site visit.

Offline Sourcing Meeting

I’m a big fan of Made In China because of this service. Made In China can help you to meet interested suppliers face-to-face. Yes, that’s possible.

Online Sourcing Meeting

If you don’t wanna meets suppliers face-to-face physically due to time & cost constraints then Made In China has a provision for online meeting.

In that case, Made In China will arrange with a face-to-face online meeting with suppliers of your choosing.

Business Information Report

Want more information about the supplier?. Then, request a business information report from Made In China.

Typically, a business information report will contain the following:

  • Risk analysis
  • Trade payments
  • History
  • Operations
  • Corporate structure
  • Finance & banking
  • Public records

360 Degree Virtual Tour

A few suppliers have uploaded 360 degree virtual tour of their facilities, offices & factories.

You can find a virtual tour icon beside the name of the suppliers.

Audit Report

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Most of the suppliers have been audited by Made In China. You can check the status by looking at the Audit icon beside the name of the supplier.

The audit is generally conducted with following in mind:

  • Product research & development capabilities
  • Management system & product certification
  • Production capacity & quality control
  • Financial position
  • Working environment
  • Photos

I would recommend you to deal only with suppliers that have been audited by Made In China.

Delivery Time & Modes

Remember, Made In China isn’t a straight forward purchase platform like DHgate or AliExpress.

So, you can’t simply add products to your cart, select delivery partner & checkout. To buy from Made In China, you’ll have to contact supplier & then intiate an order.

Therefore, for delivery partner, you’ve got two options. Either take the help of supplier’s designated logistic partner or choose one from Made In China logistics marketplace.

The Made In China logistics marketplace supports reputed logistics agents & also direct shipping companies like DHL, FedEx etc.

As usual the delivery time depends on your location & shipping mode.

Payment Channels

You can pay via credit card on Made In China.

Quality Assurance

Apart from the aforesaid buyer safety features, Made In China also lists various MEI(Manufacturing excellence & innovation) award winning products.

The MEI awards are categorized into Gold award, silver award, individual award , nominated award & selected award.


Since Made In China is a popular marketplace, you can rest assured that the wholesale prices will be reasonable.

What I Like

  • Buyer safety mechanism
  • Intuitive UI
  • Large base of suppliers & products

What I Don't Like

  • Shady implementation of buyer safety features
  • Complicated buying procedure
  • Weak customer support


32 users have rated Made In China 1.9 out of 10.

Since there isn’t a direct buying procedure on Made In China, most buyers make a mistake of directly paying to the suppliers. Never ever pay the suppliers directly. Always pay for your order via Made In China platform.


HKTDC(Hong Kong Trade Development Council) is a trusted online wholesale marketplace with more than 130,000 Chinese suppliers.

Established in 1966, HKTDC is headquartered in Hong Kong.

HKTDC is not only an online marketplace but also an organization dedicated towards economic growth of Hong Kong traders.

Therefore, the organization also helps you to attend fairs, exhibitions & conferences. And, it helps you to stay updated with latest industry news & events.

Buyer Safety

Premier Advertiser

Suppliers tagged as Premium Advertisers are verified suppliers with the following details:

  • Product highlights
  • Factory details
  • Trading activities
  • R&D capabilities
  • Factory & product videos

Dun & Bradstreet Checked

Dun & Bradstreet is an independent verification agency. In case a supplier is verified by the same, it’ll show up as an icon.

Such verification is renewed every two years.

Compliance Verified

Compliance Verified means the business licences of the supplier have been verified by HKTDC.

Certificates Verified

Certificates Verified means the following certificates have been verified by HKTDC:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Product management
  • In-house labaratory management

HKTDC Exhibitor

A supplier tagged as HKTDC Exhibitor means they’ve been a participant of world class trade fairs or events.

Delivery Time & Modes

Unfortunately, HKDTC doesn’t provide direct logistics services. You’ll need to discuss & finalize the same by talking to the supplier.

Though for small orders, they’ve something called ‘Small Order Zone’ where you can select products, add them to cart & checkout. In that case, you can select your preferred logistics partner & see the rates. (DHL, FedEx etc. are supported for small orders).

Payment Channels

The payment mode needs to be finalized by talking to supplier.

However, for small orders, HKTDC supports payment via PayPal. That means small orders are protected by PayPal refund policy.

Quality Assurance

The aforesaid buyer safety measures ensure product quality as well.


HKTDC lists some of China’s top sellers. Therefore, you can expect great wholesale prices.

What I Like

  • Holistic approach to sourcing & trading
  • Robust supplier verification methods
  • Large base of suppliers & products

What I Don't Like

  • Complex buying procedure for large orders
  • No clarity of logistics & payment for large orders


I couldn’t find HKTDC on TrustPilot.

7. DIYTrade

DIYTrade describes itself as a China product directory & B2B trading platform.

Also, they claim to have more than 5 million products on their platform.

Founded in 1999, DIYTrade is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Buyer Safety

Biz Member

Biz Members are active sellers on DIYTrade. They’ve got established websites, product catalogs & provide customer support like chat etc.

Therefore, if you decide to shop on DIYTrade then look for the Biz Member icon beside the seller name.

3rd Party BizVerify

3rd Party BizVerify means that DIYTrade has verified the sellers business licences, on-site facilities & other important business metrics through an independent 3rd party.

This also can be checked by looking at an icon beside the seller name.

Delivery Time & Modes

You need to talk to the concerned supplier & finalize the logistics terms. That’s because DIYtrade doesn’t support adding products to the cart & checking out.

To buy on DIYTrade, you need to send an inquiry to the supplier. Thereafter, negotiate the price, payment & logistics mode.

The delivery time of course depends on your location & the logistics option you’ve picked.

Payment Channels

Payment channel or mode has to decided after discussing with the supplier. Remember, you should always insist on PayPal mode of payment on DIYTrade.

That’s because PayPal transactions come with a buyer protection guarantee. So, if you didn’t receive the products, you can raise a refund request with PayPal.

Remember, in order to process refund request, PayPal requires your papers to be in order. That means you need to keep purchase documents like purchase order, invoice etc. ready.

Quality Assurance

Unfortunately, apart from the aforesaid buyer safety measures, I didn’t find any other product quality mechanism in DIYTrade.


Since DIYTrade boasts some of China’s top sellers, therefore you can expect nothing short of great prices.

What I Like

  • Simple & uncluttered user experience
  • Large base of products & suppliers

What I Don't Like

  • No direct buying mechanism
  • Weak buyer safety & quality control measures


2 users have rated DIYTrade 5.6 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

8. Trade Key

Trade Key is one of the top rated & trustworthy Chinese wholesale websites.

Founded in 2006, TradeKey is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Buyer Safety

Trust Points

More Trust Points means that the seller or exporter is more reliable & legitimate. You can check for the Trust Points icon beside the name of the seller or exporter.

(Video) Top 7 China Wholesale Websites, Let Buyers To Find The Best Suppliers

Trust Profile

Click on the seller name & then on the Trust Profile link (on the right of the page). There, you can view the following important details:

  • Trust Points
  • Joining Year
  • Total number of feedbacks
  • Business type

Business Information

On the seller profile, you can also look for the following vital business information:

  • Factory location & size
  • No. of production lines
  • No. of R&D & QC staff
  • Certificates
  • Registered capital
  • Export percentage

The aforesaid details would be enough to ascertain if a seller is worth dealing with.

Delivery Time & Modes

Delivery mode & time on TradeKey has to be figured out by talking to the supplier. TradeKey doesn’t support direct picking up of your favourite delivery partner.

Obviously, the delivery time would depend on your location & choice of delivery mode.

Payment Channels

TradeKey doesn’t support direct buying mechanism (adding to cart & then checking out). So, the payment mode needs to decided after talking to the seller.

As said earlier, in such scenarios, it’s always recommended to pay via PayPal (due to the buyer protection advantage).

Quality Assurance

Apart from the aforesaid buyer safety features, I couldn’t find any additional product quality safety measures.


TradeKey is a popular platform supporting a mammoth number of quality suppliers. Therefore, you can get best price out there if you negotiate.

What I Like

  • Live buyer & seller feed on the homepage
  • Large seller base

What I Don't Like

  • Outdated website design
  • Weak buyer safety measures


49 users have rated TradeKey 8.9 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

9. Global Market

Global Market is an M2B(Manufacturer to business) bulk wholesale website based in China.

It’s an online marketplace that connects high quality Chinese manufacturers with international buyers.

Founded in 1995, Global Market is headquartered at Baiyun district of China.

Buyer Safety

GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate) Manufacturers

GMC is issued to the Chinese manufacturers that pass the 8 rigorous benchmarks set by the Global Market.

The GMC test is conducted by TUV, one of the world’s leading certification agency. Such a test covers the following aspects of a manufacturer:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Product quality control
  • Company size
  • Dedicated export team
  • R&D capability
  • Social & environment responsibility
  • Trustworthiness & reputation
  • OEM/ODM capabilities

A GMC is a robust assurance that the manufacturer is reliable & legit.

Delivery Time & Modes

Global Market isn’t a direct buy wholesale shopping platform. Therefore, you need to crack the logistics part by talking to the supplier.

However, Global Market had merged (in 2006) with Shenzhen Euroland Logistics that allowed it to partner with 200 logistics partners across the world.

Payment Channels

Discuss with the manufacturer for the payment mode.

Quality Assurance

The GMC is enough to ensure product quality.


Since Global Market only lists top level manufacturers, you can expect low prices. The only downside dealing with manufacturers is that you need to commit for a certain volume.

What I Like

  • Focus on top manufacturers
  • Robust 8 level manufacturer audit process
  • Focus on product quality

What I Don't Like

  • Not suited for small wholesale orders


126 users have rated Global Market 2.5 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

10. Lovely Wholesale

Lovely Wholesale is a Chinese wholesale website focussed on women garments or clothing.

In fact, Lovely wholesale is the only website (in this list) that’s NOT a marketplace. Yes, they’ve their own factories located in Guangzhou & Shanghai, China.

They claim to have 6000 styles listed on their platform.

Buyer Safety

Quality Issue With The Product Received

If you find that the products are:

  • Malfunctioned
  • Ripped or torn
  • Having stains
  • Different from website photograph

Then you can raise a return & refund request with the Lovely Wholesale customer support team.

Damaged Products

If the products you received are damaged then send the picture of the damaged products to the Lovely Wholesale customer support team. After verification, they’ll issue a discount on your next order or provide reshipping or issue full or partial refund. That depends on the level of damage (fully damaged, partial damage or minor damage).

Missing or Wrongly Shipped Items

A partial refund or reshipping is offered for missing or wrong products.

Size Issue

Garments are known to have common size issues. Therefore, Lovely Wholesale has got you covered. If the product size isn’t what you had desired then you can initiate a return & return process with the customer support team.

Here’re a few steps you need to take to raise a return & refund request with Lovely Wholesale:

Step 1) Contact customer support team by submitting a ticket or live chat

Step 2) Fill in & submit the complaint form you receive with details like problems, item code, pictures etc.

Step 3) Receive a reply from Lovely Wholesale within 24 hours

Delivery Time & Modes

Lovely Wholesale ships items via China Post. Depending on how quickly you want your orders, the shipping charges may vary.

They’ve got 3 delivery time slabs: 15-20 workings days, 6-10 working days & 3-5 working days.

With my limited experience I can say that China Post is a reliable service.

Payment Channels

This website accepts payment via PayPal or Western Union. Remember, you can also use your credit card on PayPal checkout page.

Quality Assurance

With the kind of robust return & refund policy they have, you can be assured of the product quality.

And, they aren’t a marketplace. That allows them to have a direct control over product quality.


If you order any item more than 10 units, you’ll be eligible for an instant discount of 8%. I haven’t seen any other website being this straightforward or bold with their product pricing.

What I Like

  • Great bulk pricing
  • Variety of ranges or styles
  • No-questions-asked return & refund policy
  • Own manufacturing units

What I Don't Like

  • Website style seems outdated
  • Shipping service can be better


221 users have rated Lovely Wholesale 2.6 out of 10 on TrustPilot.


I know it’s scary.

You want your money to be safe while dealing with Chinese sellers. And, why shouldn’t you?. B2B transactions are high-ticket ones & hence the risk involved.

But with the aforesaid list of websites, you can minimize the risk. The first step is to zero down on the website that meets your business needs.

Then, go forward & shortlist a supplier by filtering the best one out. Lastly, before payment read the website’s buyer safety guidelines carefully.

If you face an issue, immediately contact the website’s customer support team. They’re generally very responsive.

To minimize the risk further, I recommend you to start with a low-ticket purchase of say something like $ 500. After a successful consignment, you can always raise the bar. Makes sense?.

So, go ahead & order your first Chinese consignment.

Your business is about to soar & roar. All the best!

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(Video) The Best 5 Chinese Websites to Wholesale Clothing | Wholesale from China

Want me to help you import from China? Then, reach out to me by sending a quick message:

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How to find Chinese wholesalers? ›

Your search for Chinese suppliers can start online. Alibaba, Made in China and Global Sources are all popular websites to find suppliers and manufacturers in China.

How do I trust a Chinese supplier? ›

10 ways to find & verify Chinese suppliers you can trust
  1. Use search engines & Chinese suppliers' directories. ...
  2. Make a phone call. ...
  3. Check business licenses. ...
  4. Ask for references. ...
  5. Get a sample. ...
  6. Money matters. ...
  7. Conduct factory audits (or at least pretend to) ...
  8. Make good use of databases.

What is the best place to buy wholesale? ›

10 Best Wholesale Online Shopping Websites for Product Sourcing
  • Alibaba. Alibaba is one of the largest wholesale online shopping websites in the world. ...
  • Global Sources. ...
  • Alanic Clothing. ...
  • DHgate. ...
  • Super Delivery. ...
  • HKTDC. ...
  • Eindiawholesale. ...
  • Made-in-China.

How do I buy directly from China suppliers? ›

How to buy direct from China
  1. Find a supplier in China. ...
  2. Contact your chosen suppliers. ...
  3. Request product samples. ...
  4. Choose a supplier and specify your product needs. ...
  5. Negotiate prices and payment terms. ...
  6. Arrange shipping from China. ...
  7. Pay any customs duties upon receipt of goods from China. ...
  8. Online marketplaces.
Aug 23, 2022

How can I buy directly from Chinese factory? ›

The best way to buy directly from China is to use a sourcing agent like Kanary. There are other alternatives to speak directly with suppliers such as Alibaba, DHgate, Made-In-China etc. However, using a company like Kanary, who has relationships with suppliers developed over many years, is going to be your best option.

Where to order goods from China? ›

Find Chinese Suppliers on the Internet
  • Alibaba.
  • GlobalSources (the same people who run the trade show).
  • DH Gate.
  • AliExpress, a division of Alibaba which focuses on manufacturers who sell in smaller quantities to buyers.

Which is the biggest wholesale market in China? ›

Yiwu International Trade City (Chinese: 义乌国际商贸城), also known as the Yiwu Market, is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. According to the World Bank, it is the world's largest small commodities market.

Is it safe to buy from Alibaba? ›

Like many modern ecommerce marketplaces, a majority of merchants on Alibaba are reputable and trustworthy, making the marketplace reasonably safe and legit. The company offers Trade Assurance, a verification program for select suppliers, to protect your payments through the payment platform.

How do I know if a supplier is legit? ›

Look for specific things on the company's website that may give away whether or not they are truly legitimate.
  1. Check spelling and grammar. ...
  2. Check for a business address and landline number. ...
  3. Check for a Privacy Policy. ...
  4. Check for a company number. ...
  5. Check the WHOIS database.

How do I find legitimate suppliers? ›

How to find a wholesaler to supply your small business
  1. Understand Distribution Channels.
  2. Try the Manufacturer First.
  3. Have a Productive First Contact.
  4. Get Specific in Online Searches.
  5. Look for Wholesale Lots on eBay.
  6. Check Major B2B Marketplaces.
  7. Join Professional Networks.
  8. Subscribe to Trade Publications.
Oct 13, 2022

How do I verify Chinese suppliers? ›

The easiest way to check if the document is legitimate is by looking at the national database that China uses to record all official registration records, the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (NECIPS).

What's a good wholesale website? ›

10+ Best Wholesale Websites In 2023
  • Costco Wholesale: Costco Wholesale is a US-based multinational corporation. ...
  • eBay: eBay is undoubtedly one of the most popular wholesalers in the world. ...
  • Alibaba: ...
  • The Wholesaler UK: ...
  • DHgate: ...
  • Global Sources: ...
  • Alanic Clothing: ...
  • Super Delivery:
Dec 9, 2022

Who are the top wholesalers in USA? ›

Top 10 Wholesale Suppliers in the USA: In A Nutshell (2023)
  • Costco. 4.6/5.
  • Doba. 4.5/5.
  • Bwanaz. 4.3/5.
  • Kole Imports. 4.1/5.
  • DollarDays. 4/5.
  • Wholesale Central. 4.5/5.
  • Alanic Clothing. 4.2/5.
  • Michaels. 4.1/5.
Dec 28, 2022

Who is the biggest wholesaler? ›

Sysco (NYSE:SYY) The biggest wholesale company in America is Sysco, which distributes several products which include tabletop items, kitchen equipment and food products among others.

What is the safest way to pay for goods from China? ›

Bank-to-bank transfer: This is a widely accepted form of payment among suppliers in China and usually takes a few days. It is generally considered safe, though there are some risks for both the importer and supplier. To lower the element of risk, importers can opt to pay in batches.

What is the cheapest way to import from China? ›

Shipping costs can vary. Many imports from China are shipped via sea freight, however, which is the cheapest option.

How much can I buy from China without paying duty? ›

Customs Duties

This rule applies so long as the total value of the imported goods totals $800 or more (known as the De Minimis value). If the goods that you're importing cost less than $800, they are not subject to duty or taxes (with the exception of goods like alcohol and tobacco).

Do I need to pay customs if I buy from China? ›

When importing from China, importers must pay VAT on top of the total sum of the Customs Value and the Import Duty.

Do I need a license to buy wholesale from China? ›

Do you need a wholesale license? To import certain wholesale items from China, you may need a wholesale license. It may not be required for all items, but it is better to check if your business needs one. You must check your local laws regarding the licensing requirements.

What is the best brand of China? ›

Global Best Brand Rankings 2022: China
  • Huawei has become the top-ranked brand in YouGov's 2022 Best Brand Rankings for China with a score of 47.5. ...
  • Want to know your brand's score and where you stand with your competitors? ...
  • Jingdong, came in second this year, while Yunnan Baiyao claimed the third rank.
Nov 15, 2022

What is the best app to buy from China? ›

A quick review of the top 5 China online shopping sites in China:
  • Taobao & Tmall: undisputed leaders of the Chinese e-commerce market.
  • Pinduoduo: When group buying meets social commerce.
  • Luxury goods, Top-Notch Logistic and more.
  • WeChat: WeChat Stores are threatening the market leaders.
Sep 29, 2022

Which shipping is cheapest from China? ›

Using an international courier, also known as express freight is generally more reliable and quicker than by mail, whether it's DHL, UPS or TNT. As a rule of thumb, at about $5 per kilo, express freight is the cheapest shipping mode for packages or small shipments up to about 150 kg.

What is the best shipping method from China? ›

Express shipping via an international carrier like FedEx, Ups, DHL, or TNT is the fastest and the most reliable way to ship from China to the US. If you need your products as quickly as possible, express shipping is by far your best option.

What is the biggest online store in China? ›

You can also find a great selection of products on Taobao, Tmall, and – all of which are owned by Alibaba, the largest ecommerce company in China.

What is largest online sale platform in China? ›

The Most Popular Online Marketplaces and E-commerce Platforms in China
  1. Taobao. It is the biggest online marketplace in China and is a direct local competitor of eBay. ...
  2. Pinduoduo. ...
  3. JD. ...
  4. TMall/TMall Global. ...
  5. Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) ...
  6. Suning.
Aug 3, 2022

Who is the best sourcing agent in China? ›

If so, then using a China sourcing agent can save you both money and time. A sourcing agent is a specialist that connects you with factories in China to produce your products. They can also help you with…
  • Jingsourcing.
  • Imex Sourcing.
  • Foshan Sourcing.
  • Sourcify.
  • China2West.
  • LeelineSourcing.
  • SupplyIA.
  • Meeno Group.

What should you avoid on Alibaba? ›

Check the price. generally offers good-quality products at affordable prices. However, when you notice that a product usually at a high price is listed for a few cents, that's your cue that something is wrong. In most cases, it shows that you may be dealing with counterfeit or low-quality products.

Can Americans buy on Alibaba? ›

Yes, anyone can order from Alibaba. Alibaba is the largest supplier directory where a single person can order directly from a manufacturer. But remember that Alibaba doesn't make anything, they feature manufacturers who will work with both individuals and companies.

Does Alibaba ship to USA? ›

While Alibaba mostly relies on Chinese manufacturers, you can still have goods delivered to the USA. In fact, you might even get lucky and find vendors that are based in the States.

How do you know if a seller is scamming you? ›

Check to see if the image used to show the item is being used on other listings as well, or if it's a stock image from the web. If it is, and the seller is unwilling to send other photos or information about the item, it could be a scam and should be avoided. Compare the price to other similar items.

Can I trust Alibaba verified supplier? ›

Since each Verified Supplier is thoroughly vetted by a third-party inspection company, sellers with this designation appear more reliable to buyers.

Why price in Alibaba is so cheap? ›

Alibaba wholesalers so benefit from selling in bulk, which can help with packaging and shipping costs. Since many wholesalers are also the manufacturers for Alibaba products, they are able to offer much cheaper prices directly to the consumers.

How do I verify a Chinese company for free? ›

So, you also need to check the current status of the company in China's National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System at, a website of the SAMR. For more information on how to use this system, you can read our article “How Do I Know If a Chinese Company Exists Legally? ”.

What to do if you get scammed by a Chinese company? ›

You can make complaints to the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in your country. In some cases, the embassy or consulates will refer your complaints to the law enforcement agencies and trade promotion agencies in China, who have the authority to mediate your dispute with the Chinese supplier.

How can I avoid buying things from China? ›

First, some general tips
  1. Don't trust an online shop's search engine. Amazon is notorious for throwing Chinese products into search results for “not made in China” or “made in the USA.” Many online marketplaces have the same issue.
  2. Be wary of misleading labels. ...
  3. Use online forums. ...
  4. Barcodes can trick you.
Jul 3, 2022

Is Alibaba the best place to buy wholesale? ›

If you have decided to explore sourcing bulk purchases for your business, there's no better place to start than There are thousands of sellers to choose from, including direct purchases from manufacturers and licensed wholesalers. In addition, the platform does not require any membership fees.

What is difference in Alibaba and Aliexpress? ›

Alibaba and Aliexpress are two marketplaces that operate online. The major difference between the two is the target audience they cater to. Sellers on Alibaba primarily serve businesses and take orders in bulk quantities (B2B model). On the other hand, sellers on Aliexpress take orders in small quantities (B2C model).

What websites are better than Alibaba? ›

Best 7 Websites Like Alibaba
  • AliExpress. ( ...
  • Amazon. ( ...
  • eBay. ( ...
  • ( ...
  • ( ...
  • ( ...
  • (
Mar 10, 2022

Is it better to buy from AliExpress or Alibaba? ›

In general, though, Alibaba will be better for experienced retailers, bigger businesses, and brands that want custom products; AliExpress is better suited to new merchants, smaller businesses, and dropshippers. Whichever platform you choose, you'll be able to integrate it with your Shopify store.

How long does Alibaba take to ship to USA? ›

If you've had your order shipped via air, then it should arrive in anywhere from 3-10 business days. If via sea, this will be more like 30 to 60 days.

What is the best shipping method from China to USA? ›

Express shipping via an international carrier like FedEx, Ups, DHL, or TNT is the fastest and the most reliable way to ship from China to the US. If you need your products as quickly as possible, express shipping is by far your best option.

Can you trust buying from AliExpress? ›

It's a legitimate e-commerce marketplace that connects third-party sellers to consumers. However, there are several reported incidents of sellers scamming buyers by sending counterfeit or unsatisfactory products. For those instances, AliExpress has a Buyer Protection program that can help you get your money back.

Can I buy single item from AliExpress? ›

Order Quantities

AliExpress has no such limitation. It's an online retail platform made for selling consumer goods. So, yes, you can buy single items on AliExpress.

Why not to use Alibaba? ›

  1. Every Supplier is a Gold Supplier. When you learn how to use Alibaba, you will notice that most suppliers have the gold certification. ...
  2. Trade Assurance. ...
  3. Scammers. ...
  4. Low Prices but Huge Shipping Fees. ...
  5. Low Price at First. ...
  6. Selling Infringement or Fake Products. ...
  7. Samples are Great, the Final Order is Not.

What are the risks of Alibaba? ›

In the case of Alibaba, the largest concern is regarding an array of discrete risks, starting from the domestic policy of China towards tech companies, the incompatible leadership of Alibaba with the government, the official possibility of Alibaba being delisted, and the latest "show of force" escalation between the ...


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