Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (2023)

By Ethan Supovitz

Like Hollywood, anime enjoys a good reboot. An alternate version is a way to fix mistakes or create a new idea under the name of a popular franchise.

Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (1)

They say every show is always someone's first, and the same notion applies to anime. Anime has been around for a very long time, and some titles are regarded as classics; so much so that a lot of them get remade or rebooted for a new generation to enjoy.

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While some of these alternate versions of the same story are a secondattempt at trying to do the story justice, fix mistakes from the past, or stick closer to the source material,others decidedly go their own way. In some cases, the new version can even outdo the original in popularity.


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Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (2)

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another Worldis a popular isekai anime with a lot of twisted and dark elements. Subaru's journey through an unforgiving fantasy world that tries to torture him at every turn can be a bit tough watch at times, but it's ultimately rewarding. Considering how long the anime is, it can be hard for newcomers to jump in on, or at least it was.

The "Director's Cut" of the first season has longer episodes, that are mostly two from the original combined into one. This alternate version also extends certain scenes, fixes a few censorship issues, and has everything (including the OVA) in chronological order. The cherry on top is that the ending also includes a scene that was cut out of the original that becomes important in season 2.


Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (3)

Dragon Ball Zis regarded by many as a shonen anime classic, and its legacy cannot be denied. With tons of action and entertaining characters, there's a lot to love about the franchise, though as time goes on, it can be harder to get a new generation on board. That's whereDragon Ball Z Kaicame in.

While it is the same anime as the original,Kaicensored a lot of what was in thefirstDragon Ball Z,such as violence and crude subject matter, to make it more accessible to kids. It alsostreamlined thingsby cutting filler and improving on certain aspects of the animation andthe quality of the original's audio.


Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (4)

The newFruits Basketanime seems to have hit all the right notes with the fans by staying close to the original source material and taking more time to fully adapt the story to animation. However, some might not remember that there was another version of Tohru's encounter with the Soma family.

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2001'sFruits Basketis similar to its successor in its story and while the works share a lot in common, they are definitely not the same. On top of having a lower episode count, comedy was dialed up more in this version, and certain characters didn't appear or were slightly altered (such as Akito's identity). It's still loved by fans, but it is outperformed by the reboot.


Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (5)

At this point, theDigimonfranchise has had so many sequels, reboots, and other alternate timelines that each new season is a completely different animalfrom the last. Oneof the most popularin the franchise is still the originalDigimon Adventure from 1999, though some aspects haven't aged super well.

After a series of sequel movies,Digimon Adventuregot a full-fledged reimagining that takes place in the year 2020 and sees the DigiDestined coming together to save Tokyo from a mysterious set of digital occurrences. The reboot combines elements from the original anime and a few concepts from other seasons and movies. Witha higher animation budget, it's clear that the newDigimon Adventurewalks a much different path than its predecessor.


Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (6)

2011'sHunter X Hunteris awildly popular action-packed anime that's nearly as long as the manga it's adapting. It'sincredibly successful, but in the shadow of that success, some might may have forgotten that this is not the first time Gon, Killua, andthe others have been in anime form.

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Just like the 2011 version, 1999'sHunter X Huntersees Gon and his friends as they seek to become Hunters, but its set up, execution, and pacing is a little different from the one fans might be more familiar with. Despite all the differences, though, this version of the beloved shonen anime lasted a good62 episodes and quite a few OVAs to adapt a good portion of the story.

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Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (7)

Fullmetal Alchemist is definitely ananime favorite to many, and its first adaptation was well received and still fondly remembered, though it had to diverge from the manga's storyline and eventually give the series an anime original ending. Fortunately, fans would rejoice in 2009 for anew version of the Elric brothers' quest.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhoodwas a closer adaptation to the manga's story and gets to the meat of it pretty quickly without treading too much familiar ground. In turn, fans are treated to an anime that truly brings the manga's characters and story to life,the way it was always intended to be.


Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (8)

Sailor Moonis the magical girl anime that made magical girls a household name. It's considered a classic to many, and absolutely iconic across its many seasons. However, comparing it to the manga's original story shows that it's not a one-to-one translation.Sailor Moon Crystalsought to fix that.


Sticking closer to the manga's story,Sailor Moon Crystaldoes away with the "monster of the week" episode formula and stays more focused on the plot. Though admittedly it has some noticeable flaws, both in the animation and story, things did improve as it went on. Even if fans are conflicted over which version is superior,Sailor Moon Crystaldidhave a decent run and managed toput a couple of movies in the works.

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Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (9)

Ash and hisPokémon partner, Pikachu, have been on a never-ending questto be "the very best" for ages now, and it seems it'll go on for a while longer. It's been a fun and wild ride, but for those who may want to see aPokémonthat resembles the games,Pokémon Originsmight be the ticket.

Following the adventures of Red and his team ofPokémon, this four-episode OVA recreates the journey of the Gen 1Pokémon games and focuses on important moments, such as thePokémon Tower and the battle with Mewtwo. While incredibly short, the action is intense and still keepsenough spirit and charmto make it feel like the video games in anime form.


Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (10)

Neon Genesis Evangelionwas a dissection of the mecha genre and definitely earned its place in the anime hall of fame, even with some of its rockier moments. Its original run ended pretty abruptly, and some still weren't satisfied after the movie finale,The End of Evangelion.This, however, was not the lastfanswould see of Evangelion.

Rebuild of Evangelionis a series of films that gave the story and characters a huge overhaul. While it starts off familiar enough, the films add more characters and soon go somewhere completely different from the original anime. It's definitely a different take on this giant of the mecha genre.


Re:Zero Director's Cut & 9 Other Alternate Anime Versions (11)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventurehas to be one of the biggest and most popular anime of the modern era. Its fanbase is huge and it's definitely left its mark on the anime community. However, some might not be aware that there was another adaptation before the one most know today.

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1993's JoJo's Bizarre Adventurewas a much shorter OVA series that adapted a small portion ofStardust Crusaders'second half, including Jotaro's battle with Dio. While it was a decent attempt,the older animation style and rushed story can't compare to its successor and the impact it left on viewers.



What's the difference between director's cut and original Re:Zero? ›

The "Director's Cut" of the first season has longer episodes, that are mostly two from the original combined into one. This alternate version also extends certain scenes, fixes a few censorship issues, and has everything (including the OVA) in chronological order.

Is it necessary to watch Re:Zero director's cut? ›

If you've seen the original then no. UNLESS you need to rewatch before season 2 then yes. The directors cut puts back in a few scenes of cut gore as well as combining every Two Twenty minute episodes into single forty minute episodes.

How many episodes of Re:Zero are there in director's cut? ›

(Note: In January 2020 a "Director's Cut" of season 1 was released, altering some scenes and repackaging the episodes to be an hour long for a total of 13 episodes.)

What does anime directors cut mean? ›

A director's cut is an edited version of a film (or video game, television episode, music video, or commercial) that is supposed to represent the director's own approved edit in contrast to the theatrical release.

Is Re:Zero directors cut censored? ›

Apparently the scene of the burned corpses in episode 8 on the Director's Cut version is more censored than the TV version and the censorship of this anime in China is even more ridiculous.

Is Resident Evil Director's Cut better than the original? ›

Considering this, anyone interested in the original Resident Evil will definitely want to spring for the Director's Cut over the actual original release. However, there's an additional version of the Director's Cut that is really the best way to experience the original Resident Evil.

Is Re:Zero sad ending? ›

According to Stride, when a fan questioned Nagatsuki on whether the protagonists, Subaru and Emilia, would get married to each other, he replied evasively, answering that Re:Zero would have a happy ending.

Does Re:Zero have a lot of gore? ›

The show is overall violent but gets even more so in Episode 14 and beyond. During the Truth of Zero arc that deals with a murderous cult, people are shown being cut into pieces, a child getting her eyes gouged out (only the aftermath is seen), and much more.

Should I watch Re:Zero season 1 or director's cut? ›

Watch the directors cut. It is basically the same show, but with improved directing by adding certain pauses and adding a few scenes here and there. It pretty much is the defenitive edition.

Is Re:Zero fully completed? ›

The final volume was released on March 23, 2015.

How old is puck the cat? ›

Puck was created by Echidna around 400 years prior to current events in the story.

Is it better to watch directors cut? ›

There's certainly merit in watching the Director's Cut, and the greater insight it provides does shed light some of the film's more ambiguous elements.

What is the best director's cut? ›

20 DIrector's Cuts That Outshine The Original Versions
  • True Romance. Warner Bros / Courtesy Everett Collection. ...
  • Kingdom of Heaven. 20th Century Fox Film Corp. / ...
  • Payback: Straight Up. ...
  • The Exorcist. ...
  • Aliens. ...
  • Zack Snyder's Justice League. ...
  • The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. ...
  • The Counselor.
May 11, 2022

WHY IS directors cut so expensive? ›

Likely due to the quantity of features being added, the upgrade to the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is not free. Its price on PS5, for those who do not own the game, is $70, similar to Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. For those who don't own the base game on PS4, it will cost a standard $60.

Why did funimation remove Re:Zero? ›

Re:Zero is one of the titles we lost due to the end of our partnership with Crunchyroll, so it will not be available for streaming.

Who is the final villain in Re:Zero? ›

Satella, also known as the Witch of Envy, Queen of the Castle of Shadows, the Jealous Witch, and simply as the Witch, is the enigmatic main antagonist of the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same ...

Who is the strongest anime character in Re:Zero? ›

Top 10 Re: Zero Characters, According to MyAnimeList
  • 8 Puck.
  • 7 Petelgeuse.
  • 6 Beatrice.
  • 5 Ram.
  • 4 Felix Argyle.
  • 3 Subaru.
  • 2 Emilia.
  • 1 Rem.
Aug 30, 2020

Which Resident Evil is the hardest? ›

When you ask fans which of the Resident Evil games is the most difficult its is always a toss-up between Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Which Resident Evil is the most successful? ›

Most successful Resident Evil video games worldwide 2022, by units sold. As of December 2022, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was the best-selling entry in Capcom's Resident Evil series. The 2017 survival horror game sold over 11.7 million units worldwide.

Which Resident Evil is more scary? ›

What I can tell you is that Resident Evil 7 is the scariest Resident Evil game, and it's not even particularly close. Resident Evil 7 could have worked as a third-person game.

Does Rem ever wake up? ›

At the end of Arc 6, she finally woke up from her slumber following Lye's death, but now suffers amnesia due to not having yet regained her memories. She was been transported to the Sacred Empire of Vollacia with Subaru and Louis Arneb at end of Arc 6.

Is Emilia the witch of envy? ›

Satella is also known as the Witch of Envy and is one of the Witches of Sin. She is a half elf who has a thing body with long silver hair, and blue-purple eyes. Emilia looks exactly like her.

How many arcs will Re:Zero have? ›

As I mentioned before, the author so far has said there will be 11 arcs. There's certainly a possibility, because authors can change their minds. For example, it used to be 10 arcs planned, but now there are 11.

Is Re:Zero better than AOT? ›

There are aspects of Re: zero On par and sometimes better than AOT (mostly its consistency at parts), and there are aspects which aren't as good at first but get better as the story progresses. It has a damn cool lore and the anime has a very nice vibe and art style to it.

Is Re:Zero popular in Japan? ›

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- is the most watched show on Netflix in Japan according to the official Twitter account for the Far East island country.

Why did Puck freeze Subaru? ›

Puck then kills Subaru as punishment for killing his daughter.

Is Re:Zero OVA worth watching? ›

The story really is great and it keeps getting better as far as I've seen. Season 2 was even better, the first half of it, in particular, was a 9/10 for me — every ep was incredible.

Does Re:Zero have multiple endings? ›

The creator has made a Alternative ending to the popular Re:Zero and I love it. The ending takes place of when Subaru asking Rem to run away with her. In this world,she accepts and so the both run to a new chapter.

Is Re:Zero season 3 cancelled? ›

Looking at the trend for the original airing dates, it is possible that a third Re:Zero anime season announcement may come sometime in late 2023. White Fox, the studio behind Re:Zero, announced the adaptation of Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth in 2019; the series aired in 2022.

Why did Re:Zero take so long? ›

The staff was exhausted after the first run of the series came to an end. As Tanaka explained, Re:Zero wasn't quite seen as the hit series it is today, "It's a story that no one thought would be a big enough hit to make a sequel, aside from the people working directly on it...

What arc is Re:Zero on? ›

The Re:Zero light novels began publication in 2014 (in Japanese) and are considered to be the canon and primary resource for the entire series. It completely depicts the events of Arc 1, Arc 2, Arc 3, Arc 4, Arc 5, and has only just begun Arc 6.

What is Puck gender? ›

What Is Puck's Gender? Although Puck is usually played by a male actor, it's worth noting that nowhere in the play is the audience told the character's gender, and there are no gendered pronouns used to reference Puck. Even the character's alternate name, Robin Goodfellow, is androgynous.

How old is Satella? ›

By the time of Subaru's summoning, Satella has been alive for over four-hundred years while still sealed, though this inhuman longevity of hers is most likely due to her half-elf blood.

Is Puck an elf or pixie? ›

Puck is an elf of the Pisky race, descendants of the ancient spirits of wind. A former denizen of Elfhelm, the idyllic elven realm of the Flower Storm Monarch, he left out of sheer boredom and became Guts' first newfound companion since.

Is Subaru dead Re:Zero? ›

The power activates once Subaru dies, sending him back to a predetermined point in time with his memories intact. To Subaru, the jump is instantaneous, giving him little time to process whatever he experiences. As it was given to him by Satella, there are some caveats to Return by Death that Subaru must keep in mind.

Who is the king of Re:Zero? ›

Randohal Lugunica (ランドハル・ルグニカ) was the 41st King of Lugunica and Ford Lugunica's older brother. Like the rest of the Royal Family, he fell victim to the mysterious plague that had wiped out the entire Royal Family.

How is director's cut different? ›

It means that this version of a film has been edited in exact accordance with the director's wishes. They have decided on the order of scenes, cuts, and length, without any interference from producers or studios. Maybe scenes that got cut from the theatrical release get added back to the director's cut.

Is director's Cut longer or shorter? ›

They aren't always, sometimes they are shorter. A directors cut is a version of a film that is put out that the director prefers rather than the one released by the studio originally. Many are longer because directors filmed scenes that they would like to keep in the original movie but are taken out.

Is Elektra directors cut better? ›

While the Daredevil: Director's Cut scrapped the extras in favor of an expanded and improved movie, the Elektra: Director's Cut offers only marginal improvements to the film and one excellent featurette weighed down by an excess of superfluous material and a vastly inferior transfer.

What is the longest film in the world? ›

Guinness World Records says the longest film ever made is "The Cure for Insomnia" released in 1987. The 85-hour experimental film was directed by John Henry Timmis IV.

Why is it called director's cut? ›

A Director's Cut is a version of a movie that matches the director's original vision. Since most directors aren't given "final cut" privileges, it is the studio that dictates the version that gets released. A Director's Cut is typically released after the film has had an initial theatrical run.

Is director's Cut the last DLC? ›

Because The Director's Cut is the final DLC and the releases of the 3 Vault Cards are being spread out, this kinda feels like a waiting game.

Can you get Iki Island without director's cut? ›

Players who have already beaten Ghost of Tsushima will be able to jump right into the Iki Island content from the main menu. New players, however, will need to complete the first act of the base game in order to access Iki Island.

Is Director's Cut better than unrated? ›

“Unrated” means the movie has yet to be given a rating by the MPAA. “Director's cut” means the film has been reedited by the director who may have been unhappy with the theatrical cut of a film, which is often shorter.

Why is Ghost of Tsushima $70? ›

Sony is justifying the new $70 price tag by adding more value, including a new Iki Island expansion, as well as a slew of next-gen exclusive optimizations like ultra-fast loading (GoT already loaded in a blink of an eye on PS4), haptic feedback on the new DualSense controller, 3D audio via the Tempest engine, new 4K ...

What is the difference between a game and director's cut? ›

The Director's Cut is basically the original version with a dialogue-rich story pasted over it. There are tangible differences. Some of the puzzles are reworked/added/removed, some hallways and room layouts are edited, etc. But it is more or less the same game.

What did Resident Evil Director's Cut add? ›

Experience Resident Evil Director's Cut originally released on the PlayStation®console, enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.

What order should I watch Re:Zero director's cut? ›

Re:Zero Watch Order:
  1. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Episodes 1-11)
  2. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Memory Snow (Movie)
  3. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Episodes 12-25)
  4. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Frozen Bond (Movie)
  5. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2.

What is the original Re:Zero? ›

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is an anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. The 25-episode series aired from April 4, 2016 to September 19, 2016, with an extended 50-minute first episode.

Which is better Ghost of Tsushima or Sekiro? ›

Ghost of Tsushima is the better fit for most people looking for a fun samurai game and a way to relax after work. It's not wholly original, but it's polished and fun. I still prefer Sekiro for its thrill and unique design. If you want a challenging game that pushes sword fighting to the extreme, Sekiro is better.

Is the director's cut always better? ›

Not every director's cut is superior to the theatrical version. The additional footage may be interesting to a fan, but in terms of the quality of the film, sometimes the theatrical version is really the best one to be had.

What does Resident Evil Director's Cut do? ›

"Arrange" mode is the "Director's Cut" version of the original. The default outfits for Jill, Chris, and Rebecca are changed, new camera angles are introduced, and the placement of key items is changed.

What was the scariest Resident Evil? ›

House Beneviento is the scariest moment in Resident Evil: Village and a contender for the scariest moment in the entire Resident Evil franchise. The section sees Resident Evil return to its roots of letting players explore a mansion, though is far scarier than anything from the original game.

What did Chris inject Wesker with? ›

Description: The once invincible, bullet-dodging Wesker deliberately infects himself with the Uroboros virus as a last resort after having been weakened by an overdose of the virus suppressant PG67A/W that was injected by Chris and Sheva.

How long is Re:Zero director's cut? ›

The Director's Cut is a new broadcast of the original release of Re:Zero back in 2016. It is the same story, told is 13 one hour episodes, which are being released weekly.

Who is the real villain in Re:Zero? ›

Satella, also known as the Witch of Envy, Queen of the Castle of Shadows, the Jealous Witch, and simply as the Witch, is the enigmatic main antagonist of the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same ...

What country is Re:Zero based on? ›

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World (Japanese: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活, Hepburn: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), often referred to simply as Re:Zero and also known as Re: Life in a different world from zero, is a Japanese light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shin'ichirō Ōtsuka.

Why is Re:Zero so dark? ›

Subaru's mental trauma is too terrifying to watch. As for the characters, some of them do die later in the novel. Subaru couldn't reach a perfect ending even if he gave it his all (and his multiple deaths just break his spirit) so the story becomes even more sad. Therefore, this anime is way darker.


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