Best Neighborhoods in Mesa, AZ (2022) | List, Map & COMPLETE Info (2023)


Snowbirds may flock to Arizona in the winter, but people coming to the East Valley can find great Mesa neighborhoods for families, retirees, and young professionals at any time of year. Whether you want to enjoy the sunshine or the top local schools, there are plenty of options to choose from.

People regularly relocate to neighborhoods in Mesa because of the gorgeous weather, nearby amenities, and its exceptional safety record.

Other than the beautiful environment, Mesa also has a low cost of living. If you want an affordable home, this area is an excellent place to live. Once you decide to move to the area, the next step is choosing one of the following Mesa neighborhoods to live in.

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1. Eastmark | Arizona’s Best Master-Planned Community

Population: 31,494

Median Household Income: $58,247

Median Home Listing Price: $271,800

Homes for sale in Eastmark

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This large-scale community is placed toward the southeastern edge of Mesa, AZ. Within this Mesa suburb, you can easily find award-winning schools and fun things to do. Thanks to the Eastmark amenities and gorgeous homes, it is ranked as the best-selling, master-planned development in all of Arizona.

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Within Eastmark, you can discover swimming pools, community events, and youth programs. There are also more than 40 neighborhood parks for families and pets to enjoy. From the moment you enter this neighborhood, you can immediately see its friendly, active culture because of the many cruiser bikes dotting streets which were intentionally designed to encourage biking.

2. Las Sendas | A Golfer’s Dream Neighborhood in Mesa

Population: 7,516

Median Household Income: $125,579

Median Home Listing Price: $495,000

Homes for sale in Las Sendas

Within the beautiful boundaries of Las Sendas, you can find a luxury community outfitted with features like the Las Sendas Golf Club. Out of all of the neighborhoods in Mesa, this is definitely one of the most lavish, exclusive areas to call home. In this stunning community, you can discover top schools, parks, community centers, trailheads, and high-dollar listings.

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While most homes in this area have top-end prices, there are a few parts in the area with affordable prices as well. Las Sendas may be considered a fairly bikeable neighborhood, but you will still need a car to get around and walking may be impossible. The typical home in this neighborhood is between about 1,131 to 9,320 square feet in size and was built in the last 30 years or earlier.

3. Red Mountain Ranch | Great Area for Local Parks

Population: 2,490

Median Household Income: $96,049

Median Home Listing Price: $365,000

Homes for sale in Red Mountain Ranch

This Mesa neighborhood was named after the country club in the center of the community. In the area, you’ll find six lighted tennis courts, a golf course, holiday mixers, and private venues.

Best Neighborhoods in Mesa, AZ (2022) | List, Map & COMPLETE Info (1)

Within this stunning neighborhood in Mesa, you can discover plenty of parks and open spaces. Placed within the northeast corner of the valley, Red Mountain Ranch is also home to excellent shopping options, art venues, and cultural opportunities. With a safe environment, beautiful homes, and an affluent community, this area is perfect for families, retirees, and professionals alike.

4. Alta Mesa | One of the Safest Mesa Neighborhoods

Population: 6,150

Median Household Income: $57,003

Median Home Listing Price: $279,450

Homes for sale in Alta Mesa

If you are interested in a fairly new community, Alta Mesa is an excellent place to move to in the city of Mesa. This Mesa suburb was originally named in honor of the huge golf club in the middle of it, and the Mesa Greenbelt Park still cuts through the center of the neighborhood. Along with a large RV park, this neighborhood is also home to the lovely Gene Autry Park.

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At the Alta Mesa Golf Club, residents can find a top-rated, private golf club for social gatherings, recreation options, and exclusive events. Plus, the golf club is home to a clubhouse where players can gather for meals and watch golfers tee off. On colder nights, a fire pit is the perfect place for gathering together to warm up and enjoy the stars.

5. Dobson Ranch | Among the Biggest Neighborhoods in Mesa

Population: 14,538

Median Household Income: $62,472

Median Home Listing Price: $234,900

Homes for sale in Dobson Ranch

Dobson Ranch is known as the largest community within central Mesa. This suburb in Mesa offers affordable homes with older properties, mobile-home parks, and apartments throughout the region. Many of the homes were originally constructed in the 1970s and 1980s.

Best Neighborhoods in Mesa, AZ (2022) | List, Map & COMPLETE Info (2)

Today, this neighborhood is extremely popular among families and students who attend the local Mesa Community College. With its many shopping centers, culture venues, art centers, and retail shops, this area is one of the most prominent sections of Mesa.

6. The Groves | Plenty of Access to Local Amenities

Population: 13,968

Median Household Income: $62,667

Median Home Listing Price: $497,450

Homes for sale in the Groves

Within this Mesa neighborhood, you can find an amazing location that is close to top businesses, restaurants, outdoor activities, shopping options, and entertainment. The entire community is placed close to the 202 Loop and US-60, so you can easily access major roadways with just a short drive. If you want to enjoy an evening out with your family, you can always visit local restaurants like the Bread Basket, the Sprite House, and Pirate’s Fish & Chips.

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Whether you love shopping at trendy stores or walking in beautiful green spaces, there are plenty of places you can go within the Groves. This community is close to Papago Park, Hole in the Rock, and the Desert Botanical Garden. Closer to home, you can find playgrounds and community parks for the entire family’s enjoyment.

7. Augusta Ranch | A Suburb for Families on the East Side of Mesa

Population: 5,175

Median Household Income: $74,164

Median Home Listing Price: $369,000

Homes for sale in Augusta Ranch

If you are looking for a safe, friendly suburb in Mesa, check out the many properties available in Augusta Ranch. Known as one of the top housing developments and planned communities in the area, Augusta Ranch is bordered by Ellsworth Drive on the west, Baseline Road on the north, Crismon Road on the east, and Guadalupe Road on the south. Within two miles of this community, residents can easily reach Loop 202 and US-60.

Best Neighborhoods in Mesa, AZ (2022) | List, Map & COMPLETE Info (3)

Younger residents can enjoy excellent schools within the Gilbert School District like Desert Ridge Junior High, Desert Ridge High School, and Augusta Ranch Elementary School. Other than heading to the two large malls placed within a 20-minute drive from the community, residents can also enjoy relaxing at any of the six different neighborhood parks nearby.

8. Desert Uplands | One of the Most Desirable Mesa Neighborhoods

Population: 3,316

Median Household Income: $112,039

Median Home Listing Price: $645,000

Homes for sale in Desert Uplands

Directly to the southeast of Las Sendas, this is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Mesa. Known for being a fairly affluent community, the Desert Uplands is a dog-friendly area with a quiet, peaceful environment. Within this neighborhood, residents can find excellent schools and a low crime rate within its smaller communities like Thunder Mountain and Valley View.

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In the Desert Uplands, residents can find homes built on large, spacious lots. Younger residents can attend schools like the Red Mountain High School, Pathfinder Academy, and Fremont Junior High School.

Mesa Neighborhoods Map

Pick the Best Mesa Neighborhood for You

The Mesa neighborhood you choose will play a pivotal role in your future and decide what nearby amenities you’ll enjoy from day-to-day. By carefully researching neighborhoods in Mesa, you can make your move easier and find the right home for you and your family’s needs.

If you need help from a top-rated Mesa moving team to get you into your new home, Mentors Moving & Storage is the best choice. Call us today at (480) 787-0349 or complete the Request a Quote form on this page!


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