آبی دیکشنری : معنی کلمه cut به فارسی (2023)


1 عمومی:: بریدگی‌، تقلیل‌ دادن‌، بریدن‌، بریده‌، گسستن‌، قط‌ع‌، پاره‌ كردن‌، زدن‌، گسیختن‌، چیدن‌

شبکه مترجمین ایران

2 عمومی:: برش (گراف)

شبکه مترجمین ایران


1 general:: cut sth off [ M ] REMOVE 1. to remove a part of something to make it smaller or shorter, using a sharp tool such as a knife • Remember to cut off the fat before you fry the steak., cut in TALK 1. to interrupt what someone is saying by saying something yourself • I was just talking to Jan, when Dave cut in ( on us/our conversation)., cut sth off [ M ] STOP 2. to stop providing something such as electricity, supplies, etc. • If this bill is not paid within five days, your gas supply will be cut off.• The aim was to cut off the enemy's escape route/supplies., cut sb up [ M ] UK ( US cut sb off ) to suddenly move your car sideways in front of another car which was in front of you, leaving too little space • I got/was cut up several times on the motorway this morning - I've never seen such dangerous driving!, cut across sth AFFECT 2. If a problem or subject cuts across different groups of people, all of those groups are affected by or interested in it • Support for environmental issues cuts across traditional party lines., cut sb off PHONE 1. [ usually passive ] to stop people from continuing a telephone conversation by breaking the telephone connection • We were cut off before she could give me directions., cut in DRIVE 2. to make a sudden sideways movement to position your car in front of another car, not leaving a safe distance between the two vehicles • Did you see that white car cut in ( on us/ in front of us)?, cut in DANCE 3. to interrupt two people who are dancing in order to dance with one of them • She was dancing with Jack, when Tom suddenly cut in., cut back/down to do less of something or use something in smaller amounts • The government has announced plans to to cut back on defence spending by 10% next year.• I'm trying to cut down on caffeine., cut out STOP WORKING 1. If an engine, machine or piece of equipment cuts out, it suddenly stops working • One of the plane's engines cut out, so they had to land with only one., cut sth up [ M ] to cut something into pieces , cut sth out [ M ] STOP EATING 2. to stop eating or drinking something, usually to improve your health • Since my heart attack, I've cut fatty foods out altogether., cut sb/sth off [ M ] to cause a person or place to become separate, or cause someone to be or feel alone • When his wife died, he cut himself off from other people.• Many villages have been cut off by the heavy snow., cut across sth CROSS 1. to go straight from one side of an area to another instead of going round • If we cut across the field, it'll save time., cut sth out [ M ] REMOVE 1. to remove something or form a shape by cutting, usually from paper or cloth • She cut out his picture from the magazine., cut out DRIVE 2. US to make a sudden sideways movement out of a line of traffic • Don't cut out when everyone is going fast., cut through sth If you cut through something difficult that usually causes problems, you quickly understand it or deal with it so that it does not cause problems for you • She always manages to cut through the complex theory and get at the facts., cut sb off DRINKS 2. [ M ] US If someone serving drinks in a bar cuts you off, they stop serving you alcoholic drinks because they think you have drunk too many • I'm glad the bartender cut Tommy off - he's already had too much to drink., cut sth down to make a tree or other plant fall to the ground by cutting it near the bottom , cut into sth If an activity cuts into a period of time, it fills part of it, often a large part of it • I don't like doing the shopping on a Saturday afternoon because it cuts into my weekend., cut up US to behave in a very active and silly way in order to make people laugh • I hate it when Jane cuts up in class., cut sb out to not allow someone to share something or be included in something • They cut me out of the conversation., cut sb in to allow someone to take part in something, for example a game or business • Shall we cut you in ( on the deal/game)?

Cambridge-Phrasal Verbs

2 general:: cutnouns cut costs (= reduce the amount you spend running a business, a home etc )• They cut costs by getting rid of staff. cut prices • Shops have been forced to cut their prices after very slow sales. cut taxes/rates • The government is expected to cut interest rates next month. cut spending/borrowing • In the 1990s, governments worldwide cut military spending. cut jobs • The bank announced that it was cutting 500 jobs. cut crime • Cameras have helped to cut crime in the town centre. adverbs sharply/severely/drastically (= cut a lot )• Housing benefit was sharply cut for all but the poorest people. phrases cut something to the bone (= reduce it to the lowest level possible )• Funding for art and music in schools has been cut to the bone. cut 2phrases cut somebody a piece/slice of something • Shall I cut you a slice of cake? cut something in half/two (= into two pieces )• Cut the tomatoes in half. cut something into pieces/slices/chunks etc • Next cut the carrots into thin slices. cut something to size/length (= so that it is the size/length you need )• The place where I bought the wood cut it to size for me. adverbs cut something open • Cut open the avocado and remove the stone. cut something lengthways (= cut it in the direction that is longest )• First cut the fish in half lengthways. cut something cleanly (= with no uneven edges )• Branches should be cut cleanly from the tree. cut 3verbs make cuts • The country needs to make cuts in the carbon dioxide it produces. announce cuts • A major engineering company has announced big job cuts. take/accept cuts (= agree to have something reduced )• Some employees were forced to take pay cuts. NOUN + cut tax cuts • The President announced tax cuts. pay/wage cuts • Millions of workers face pay cuts. job/staff cuts • There have been falling sales and job cuts at the newspaper. spending cuts • His proposals could involve spending cuts of up to £12 billion. price cuts • The company announced big price cuts on all its computers. defence cuts • Further proposals for defence cuts were drawn up. adjectives deep/severe cuts (= big reductions )• Deep cuts were made in research spending. drastic/sharp cuts (= big and sudden reductions )• He resigned over drastic cuts in the education budget. cut 4verbs have a cut on something • He had a cut on his forehead. get a cut (on something)• I fell and got a bad cut on my head. adjectives small/slight • It’s only a small cut. minor • Two passengers had to be treated for minor cuts. superficial (= not deep )• I’m fine - just a few superficial cuts. bad/nasty (= wide or deep and bleeding a lot )• The cut looked quite bad. • How did you get that nasty cut? deep • She fell and got a deep cut on her leg. phrases cuts and bruises (= cuts and dark marks on the skin )• He escaped the crash with just a few cuts and bruises.


3 general:: cut to divide something into two or more pieces, especially using a knife or scissors: • Do you want me to cut the cake? • He cut off the lower branches. snip to quickly cut something, especially using scissors: • I snipped the label off. • The hairdresser snipped away at her hair. slit to make a long narrow cut through something, especially using a knife: • He slit the envelope open with a penknife. • She slit through the plastic covering. slash to cut something quickly and violently with a knife, making a long thin cut: • Someone had slashed the tyres on his car. • He tried to slash his wrists. saw to cut wood, using a saw (= a tool with a row of sharp points ): • Saw the wood to the correct length. chop to cut wood, vegetables, or meat into pieces: • Bill was outside chopping up firewood with an axe. • They chopped down the old tree. • finely chopped onion slice to cut bread, meat, or vegetables into thin pieces: • I’ll slice the cucumber. • Slice the bread thinly. dice to cut vegetables or meat into small square pieces: • First dice the apple into cubes. grate to cut cheese or a hard vegetable by rubbing it against a special tool: • Grate the cheese and sprinkle it over the vegetables. peel to cut the outside part off something such as a potato or apple: • I peeled the potatoes and put them in a saucepan. carve to cut thin pieces from a large piece of meat: • Uncle Ray carved the turkey. mow to cut the grass in a garden, park etc: • A gardener was mowing the lawn. trim ( also clip ) to cut a small amount off something, especially to make it look neater: • He was trimming his beard. • Trim the excess fat off the meat.


4 general:: noungash: He had a cut on his arm.verbcarve: Please cut the meat.verbdecrease: We must cut our payroll.verbharvest: Today we will cut the corn.

Simple Definitions

5 general:: verb with a knife/scissors, etc. ADV. thick Make sure you cut the bread nice and thick. | thinly | cleanly Cut the stem cleanly, just beneath a leaf joint. | easily Sandstone cuts easily. | crossways, lengthways Cut the courgette in half lengthways. | away, down cutting down trees PREP. from They cut away all the dead branches from the tree. | into She picked up the knife and cut into the meat. He cut the bread into thin slices. | through I can't cut through this wood. PHRASES cut and paste (computing) You can cut and paste between different programs. | cut sb/sth free Two survivors were cut free after being trapped for twenty minutes. | cut sth into pieces Cut the cake into six pieces. | cut sth in half/two She cut the loaf in two and gave me one of the halves. | cut sth open She fell and cut her head open. reduce sth ADV. considerably, drastically, significantly | short His career was cut short by injury. VERB + CUT try to | manage to We have managed to cut our costs quite drastically. | be forced to, have to PREP. by The department has to cut its spending by 30%. | from, to The price has been cut from £250 to £175. PHRASAL VERBS cut back ADV. drastically, savagely, severely, significantly Social work services have been cut back drastically. VERB + CUT be forced to, have to PREP. on Local authorities have been forced to cut back on expenditure. cut down ADV. considerably, drastically | gradually VERB + CUT try to | manage to | advise sb to PREP. on I'm trying to cut down on fatty foods. cut sb/sth off interrupt sb/sth ADV. abruptly, suddenly His thoughts were abruptly cut off by a blinding flash of pain. prevent sb/sth leaving/reaching a place ADV. completely, totally, utterly, wholly | effectively, largely, virtually PREP. from They were completely cut off from the outside world., noun hole/opening made by cutting ADJ. clean, neat VERB + CUT make | give a high-quality blade that gives a clean cut PREP. ~ in Using sharp scissors, make a small cut in the material. wound ADJ. bad, deep, nasty | minor, small, superficial He's got a small cut on his finger. | clean VERB + CUT have | get, suffer She got a bad cut over her right eye. | clean Clean the cut and cover it to prevent infection. | bandage, cover, dress CUT + VERB heal A clean cut heals quickly. PREP. ~ on a cut on her hand | ~ to One man was attacked and suffered cuts to his face. PHRASES cuts and bruises act of cutting sth ADJ. hair VERB + CUT have I've made an appointment to have a hair cut. reduction ADJ. big, deep, drastic, large, major, massive, real, savage, severe, sharp, significant, substantial, swingeing | government | financial | budget, defence, education, expenditure, interest-rate, job, pay, price, service, spending, staff, tax, wage They get a lot of power cuts because they have overhead wires. | power QUANT. round The company has announced a new round of job cuts. VERB + CUT make They are planning to make substantial cuts in the service. | announce, propose proposed tax cuts | suffer, take The staff have all had to take a cut in salary. CUT + VERB come into effect The cuts will come into effect next May. PREP. ~ in cuts in public spending piece of meat ADJ. choice, expensive, good, lean | cheap | cold ~s PREP. ~ of The recipe calls for a good lean cut of beef. share in the profits VERB + CUT get, have, take By the time the organizers have had their cut, there won't be much left. PREP. ~ of He takes a cut of the profits.

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

6 general:: Phrase(s): cut someone or something to something 1. Lit. to chop or slice up someone or something, especially to bits or pieces. • The chef cut the carrots to bite-size pieces. • The lawn mower will cut you to bits if you get under it. 2. Fig. to destroy an argument; to destroy someone’s argument. • The lawyer heard her argument and cut her to bits. • She cut the argument to pieces.

McGrawhill's American Idioms And Phrasal Verbs


American Heritage Idioms

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